SenseScapes facilitates sensorial workshops of 2-5 hours duration, offering basic, aesthetic and multisensorial experiences of our everyday surroundings. With blindfolding as a aesthetic strategy, the workshop participants are carefully led into an open, playful exploration of the immediate surroundings. Together we tune into an embodied awareness, and set off to curiously investigate forms, materials, smells, sounds, beings and movements.

Working individually and in pairs, the participants move between sensorial meditation and experimental game. Yet always circling around sense-based impulse as a way to connect to the nonverbal language of the body itself.

Workshops can take place in an open air space, a public place, a private piece of land, a park, a rural area, a shopping mall, a castle… you name it! We can work anywhere and with anyone as long as the participants are curious, motivated and capable of moving around. Experience with performance or any other physical art form is not needed. Typically a session works best with 10-30 participants, depending on time frame, location and setting.

All workshops begin with an introduction and end with a reflection session and time for discussion and feedback.

Documentation from facilitated workshops:
Reykjavik (visiting teacher at local theatre group, 2013)
Sáduarkrokur (Nordic Summer University, 2014)
Aarhus (Secret Hotel’s Debate Weekend, 2014)
Mols Bjerge (Landscape Dialogue event at Secret Hotel, 2015)
Barcelona (Experimental Room Festival, 2015)
Aarhus (Vild Sans // Vild Data in Dome of Visions, 2016)
Himmelbjerget (Rethink Folk Music festival, 2017)

Please contact SenseScapes at mail@sensescapes for booking and furter information.


Barcelona, 2015


Lithuania, 2015



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