(2014) Sensescapes walks in Mols Bjerge


During spring 2014 two series of sensorial walks was facilitated as part of a master thesis in Aesthetics and Culture at Aarhus University. The thesis is a “production thesis”, based on the creation and production of a practical project. The experiment was adopted by the Aarhus-based production unit Secret Hotel as a part of their long-term project Landscape Dialogues. The aim of the overall project of the walks, was to test and develope an aesthetic practise that would combine landscapes, senses and phenomenology.

The walks were blindfolded, site specific, participatory and intimate – just for 1 participant at the time.

After each walk the participant wrote 6 words in a guest book – 3 about their overall experience, and 3 about their experience of the landscape – and we had an interview session with space to share our experience verbally.

The following material is gathered from a series of nine walks at an old farm in the National Park of Mols Bjerge, April 2014.

Concept developer, facilitator and sensorial guide: Lotus Lykke Skov
Facilitated in collaboration with Secret Hotel

From walk nr. 2:

Participant: Birthe

Photographer: Rasmus Skov

IMG_7227 IMG_7264 IMG_7239 IMG_7225 IMG_7216 IMG_7209 IMG_7203IMG_7250 IMG_7277 IMG_7292 IMG_7299 IMG_7327 IMG_7343 IMG_7358 IMG_7374

From walk nr. 3:

Participant: Christine

Photographer: Rasmus Skov

IMG_7381 IMG_7383 IMG_7390 IMG_7394 IMG_7397 IMG_7401 IMG_7406 IMG_7408 IMG_7414

From walk nr. 4:

Participant: Martabolette

Photographer: Søren Gammelmark

sansevandring_10_04_2014_07 sansevandring_10_04_2014_09  sansevandring_10_04_2014_12 sansevandring_10_04_2014_26sansevandring_10_04_2014_20 sansevandring_10_04_2014_16  sansevandring_10_04_2014_31   sansevandring_10_04_2014_33  sansevandring_10_04_2014_35 sansevandring_10_04_2014_39 sansevandring_10_04_2014_46sansevandring_10_04_2014_52 sansevandring_10_04_2014_65 sansevandring_10_04_2014_56sansevandring_10_04_2014_72 sansevandring_10_04_2014_80 sansevandring_10_04_2014_81 sansevandring_10_04_2014_89   sansevandring_10_04_2014_90 sansevandring_10_04_2014_96 sansevandring_10_04_2014_98

Guest book notes from the farm in Mols Bjerge

Overall experience – 3 words from each participant:

1: Wet. Silent. Waves.

2: Different. Intense.

3: Haptic. Playful. Delicate.

4: Magical. Sensuous. Life force.

5: Trust. Calm. Timelessness.

6: Sensuous. Life-affirming. Spring. Rewarding. Nature.

7: Closeness. Good guiding. Vulnerability.

8: Presence. Warmth. Comfort.

9: Familiar. Great. Shift.


Experience of the landscape – 3 words from each participant:

1: Farm. Hilly. Weeping willow.

2: Open. Calm. Silent.

3: Succulent. Hilly. Luminous.

4. Fertile. Hilly. Exceptional.

5: Depth. Lightness. Accommodating.

6: Stillness. Eternity. Joy.

7: Countryside idyll. Intimacy.

8: Wild. Magnificent. Calmness.

9: Vital. Calm. Familiar.

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