(2012) Sans

In 2012 the duo Lotus&Skov created a small series of sensorial walks in the old, botanical garden of Aarhus. As the garden was hidden in the outskirts of the city and not known by many citizens, it thus made a peaceful frame for a sensorial nature experience. On each walk a group of up to 12 participants was blindfolded and led carefully in a line through the garden. On the way we stopped at several places to experience the garden through different sensations, like touching a thorn bush, listening to a hymn, sitting back to bark with a tree, lying on the ground – and through sensing the natural smells and sounds of nature mixed with incense, fruit snacks, burning matches, the sound of a Jew Harp etc. The walk lasted for about 1 ½ hour and ended on a hill with hot chocolate, home baked bread and time to slowly re-adjust to the use of eye sight.

Photos by Michelle Jung Hansen

 IMG_4560  SANS 4 - Fotograf Michelle Jung Rasmussen   IMG_4567   SANS 3 - Fotograf Michelle Jung Rasmussen IMG_4612  IMG_4573

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