Since 2011 sensorial explorations has been made in different types of landscapes and places. From the partnership “Lotus&Skov” grew the walking project  “Sans” which was performed as a part of the underground theatre festival Quongafest in Aarhus, 2012. As an extension of the collaboration, Lotus&Skov made a blog (in Danish) with reflections of our relations to landscapes and nature in a broad sense.

Lotus’ growing interest in in phenomenology, darkness, sensorial theatre and landscape connections resulted in “Sensing Reykjavik”(2013) – a series of blindfolded walks for one person as a part of my studies at the University of Iceland, Reykjavik 2013.

In 2014 the term “sensescapes” was adopted from an article by the Latvian Geographer Edmunds Bunkse, as the title for a production based master thesis in Aesthetics and Culture, Aarhus University. The Sensescapes Thesis reflects and discuss the development and facilitation of two series of individual, blindfolded walks in Mols Bjerge and Aarhus, (2014). As time and projects unfolded, blindfolded exploration became the main method of investigating multisensorial potential of the everyday. Based on the lived experiences, the thesis argue that the blindfolded walks holds a strong potential of aesthetic experience, aesthetic transformation, intimacy, trust and playfulness. The thesis is available in full lenght for reading or downloading here.

In 2016 Sensescapes co-facilitated an open urban laboratory in the temporary cultural space Dome of Visions, under the title Vild Sans // Vild Data. The laboratory was an attemt to pair the sensory field of embodied experience with the research field of data collecting and analysis, asking the basic question: How do we create a livable city?

Moving from theory to concept to lived philosophy, Sensecapes has become a frame for experimental, everyday practices of encountering, experiencing and investigating the world through deep, sensorial modes of being and connecting with the surrounding world.

And so the practice and projects of Sensescapes as a laboratory continues.

Lotus, September 2017

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