Sensescapes at NSU in Iceland

In the end of July I was given the opportunity to participate in the summer session of Nordic Summer University, which was situated in Sáduarkrokur, Northern Iceland, this year. I became a member of the study circle titled “Crossing Contexts – interventions through artistic research”, where aprox. 35 researchers and artists (most of us having a practice of both) exchanged thoughts, work and experiences from morning to evening. The energy was loaded with creativity and mutual interest, Networks expanded, horizons broadened, inspiration flowed, and I am still contemplating the mass of material and impressions created in our shared space.

One night we had a LAB night, and within the packed programme of performances and participatory installations and experiments, Sensescapes was given 20 minutes to unfold. The night was chilly with lots of wind. Nevertheless we went outside, and after a short introduction to the simple concept of blindfolded walks, we paired and did 15 minutes of exploration around and inside the buildings. I was participating in the exercise myself, but NSU member Magda Mrowiec captured the event with her camera.

My deep thanks to all the wonderful participants! Hope to see you again next year.

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A significant, small piece of paper

On my desk is: a stack of 250 visiting cards.

I’d rather not call them “business cards”, because in Sensescapes you are no customer, naturally.

You are a visitor, and will therefore have a visiting card. No, even more! You are a cooperator! A play mate!

Or even: a brother or sister.

Lately, while participating in festivals and other gatherings, I have missed something to hand out when asked about my thesis work.

“Sensescapes” what is it? A  little tricky to pronounce. Even harder to explain. Still, perhaps less difficult to understand.

But you will, I guess, have to activate other parts of the brain than the logical-linguistic sense to reach an understanding that fits the sensorial concept.

You will, perhaps, besides speaking to me and sense my enthusiasm, have to try it for yourself.

Try it for yourself.

I find this to be one of the most difficult parts of the production process. A concept has been developed, tested and found fit for use. Now how can it become known, how can it be used, how can it spread and reach to those who – perhaps without knowing it – is likely to benefit positively from an experience like this?

Paradoxically, I find that pictures from the walks are useful to represent the concept and give some sort of feeling of the non-visual experience.

On my desk is: love of the material. Trees, cut, made, dumped and made again into recycled paper, printed with pictures of landscapes from Sensescapes. Cultivated nature, added a few verbalisations about the non-verbal.

Ready to go in the suitcase to Nordic Summer University in Iceland and be handed out.

Here you are! Pictures of pictures!

See you on the other side of Iceland.

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