SenseScapes is a laboratory for the senses, creating performative and sensorial encouters in a blend of spheres: Landscape, cityscape, soundscape, smellscape and relationsscape meets the world of performance, story telling and stage art. The activities of the laboratory are always connected to a curiosity in sensorial exploration.  The laboratory is an ongoing experiment that has grown from a simple interest in explorations of sensorial encouters, with a special emphasis on darkness. 


Originally this blog was created as a documentation of the journey that brought SenseScapes to life. The core of the blog posts is a philosophical and a sensorial moving-and-guiding practice, developed to become more aware of the moment, more relaxed, more curious, more playful, more trustful, more childish, more animal, more together. To reach a higher state of such qualities in any space (urban, rural, indoors, outside, in a theater black box or anywhere else), one must encounter the surroundings as they appear in their complexity. To sense is also to acknowledge the variations in appearance and emotion. The roughness of wind. The alertness that arise in a second when a truck is driving by. The sticky, smelly sensation of mud. Thus, Sensescapes is not a wellness-factory. It is a laboratory for aesthetic experience. Aesthetic, not in the sense of beauty, but in the sense of sensing, sensitivity, sensousness. 



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Jonah Ohayv

    Exciting. Developing together, instead of competition for fame, economic grants (enough to go around for good stuff), academic one-up-manship, etc. Besides, can’t keep a good woman down.

  2. Love it!

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