Explorations of the unknown

Still feeling the rush of creativity and intense togetherness after nine days and 75 hours of intensive theater training during the workshop “Creating Transformative Encounters” at the theater Cantabile2. In what felt like and endless bubble of performance art making,  we where drawn into the world of theater director Nullo Facchini´s “human specific theater” – a genre or approach in which the performer invest all of herself in intimate, non-fiction, one-on-one meetings with the theater spectator, aiming for a personal transformation for both of them in the here-and-now of the performance.

And so I found myself taking departure in the most crucial of life´s happenings in my own, personal here-and-now: the growth of a new life within me – literally.

And so we performed together, the tiny one in my womb, and I. Listening, moving, feeling, responding. It ended with a 25 minute one-on-one performance, exploring the Land of the Unknown, in the dark. And there were beautiful, fun and surprising meetings with strangers.

With a tribute to the life on of the unknown that grows in the dark womb, and in all of our own personal different darknesses, and in the darkness that is felt and real and physical and rare.

And with the hope of bringing this format with me, in my continuous development of intimate, personal and performative meetings through sensation and sensorial relation.

Thank you, Cantabile and all the participants, for a wonderful journey!

IMG_5601b (2)IMG_5624 (3)IMG_5631 (3)IMG_5633 (3)IMG_5636aIMG_5636b (2)IMG_5642 (3)IMG_5649 (2)IMG_5649b (2)IMG_5652 (2)IMG_5652b (2)

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One thought on “Explorations of the unknown

  1. Jonah Ohayv

    You amaze me continuously, Lotus.

    Your dad

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